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          Energy Storage Wax Powdery Special Wax Precision Casting Wax Electric Wax Series Special Wax in Agriculture and Forestry dddd

          Special Wax in Agriculture and Forestry

          (1)YNE4 Series   Special Molding Moisturized Wax for Fruit Trees

          In order to protect fruit trees and shrubs from desiccation during winter dormancy or transportation or to keep moisture in summer drought, Special Molding Moisturized Wax is spayed on the surface of trees, forming the protecting film in surface of trees. The film has some adequate micro pore that could efficiently reduce the losses of moisture in the surface of the trees, and it simultaneously ensures physiological respiration of the trees.


          Emulsification Tranquilization

          Stability Test

          Thermal Resistance Test 40℃ 10h

          Emulsification Tranquilization

          Thermal Resistance Test –30℃ 10h

          Emulsification Tranquilization

          PH Value


          Max. Dilute Multiple


          (2)    YNE5 Series  Special Preventing Frostbite Wax for Trees

          (3)    In large northern areas of our country, the winter season is severe cold and the spring season is more heavy windy. The early winter and the late spring’s frost are quite disadvantage to young plant, the weather is particularly abnormal coldness after spring comes, and frequently injures these trees. As a result young plant is cold death. YNE5 Series  Special Preventing Frostbite Wax for Trees not only has anti-freezing effect on trees but also well effect on anti-sprouting etc. Spraying on branches and leaves of trees can make exuberant growth of foliage.


          Quality Standard



          PH Value


          Density, 20℃g/cm3


          Refrigerating Test, -50℃, 60 minutes

          No any change, same as room situation



          Storage Test, 6-12 months




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